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      If making to most of digital in your business is important to you then the next 3 minutes will be well spent.

By and large we find that people either don't know where to start with implementing digital or they need a helping hand.

      Most businesses want more clients or what we have found in many cases they need more profitable clients. Most know by now that you have to go online to get clients or at the very least make digital a part of the sales process. That is all very well but there is a need to know what to do in making digital work for the business. All the technical stuff involved in doing that can be rather challenging not to mention the time involved. In fact, some businesses do not have a clear idea on where to get new clients from, even if when they are  online. Digital can be a source of confusion not to mention frustration that makes you want to put your head in the sand.


      You most likely already know that between 80% and 90% of people wanting a new product or service start their research online. Fact. You just need to make sure that you benefit from it rather than your competitor. The reality is, you just need to be better than your competitors, and stay a step ahead.


      Maybe you have the website, ticked that box, and you’re READY to move onto reaching your goals. But your marketing is NOT ready. You don’t think it’s got what it takes to make the kind of sales and impression that you want or it is just not performing as you think it should.


      Hi, my name is Dr Edward Nugent, the founder of Ultimar Systems. I’m not here to sell you anything. In fact, I’m here to give you my Top 12 Tips for making the most of the digital opportunity for your business and also to give you a FREE ebook. These tips are from my own direct experience at using online/digital marketing as a central part of growing a business. My experience ranges from mobile entertainment to kitchens to movie launches to paid TV and many others besides.


My story..

      I know the reality is that you have little interest in my story. Why should you have at this point. If you are interested you can click the link I have put in at the bottom of this page, but I suggest you don't bother doing that yet. Once you join the 12 ideas and like what you hear, that is a better time to read my story.

Here’s what I’m going to offer you today:

  1. Explain how to make the most of the fact that between 80 – 90% of your customers are searching for you or your products online.

  2. Tell you in very clear terms exactly what’s necessary to appeal to your customers.

  3. Outline the different elements to put in place in your business to achieve the growth you want.

  4. I’ll even get you started by giving you a free ebook – 20 Essentials For Rapid Business Growth.


"We have increased our online leads by 50% in the past year Edward's help and I expect we can do this again over the coming months."

Niall Cuthbert, Managing Director, Cash & Carry Kitchens, Ireland


Let me show you how it works.


      The way that I promoted my own businesses worked for me. I am not talking about promoting my consulting. I am referring to businesses that sold products to consumers and across many different countries. I have personally spent over €2,000,000, yes over €2 million, with Google alone. This does not count what has been spent on the Google accounts that I manage for clients. I have used the same process that worked for my businesses for clients and it works, time and again. Whether you sell large physical products such as kitchens or services be they digital content or consulting, the same process works. Guaranteed. Now as you know it is not just about spending the money, it only makes sense when it gives a return ie a result and this is what I guarantee.


      I realised the only way that I could help anyone with their business was to show them exactly what I was doing and they could copy the parts they needed and I helped them to get the results.


      It’s for this reason that I’ve designed this offer for you today. I know that you’d probably rather somebody took all this off your hands. Not just anybody, somebody who is going to get you the results that you want, somebody who knows what they’re doing. This is possible but I do not advise it without you knowing what you are buying and how to buy it, more on this later. As I said I am not selling anything to you today. 


Here’s what I’m offering to you today for FREE.

      Start by signing up to my 12 ideas for making the most of digital today. You will immediately get a bonus PDF with a summary guide of all the elements of a Digital Marketing System. All FREE and without obligation. To get started click here.      


      By the time you read the 12 ideas, over the coming 2 weeks or so, you will either like them or hate them and some of you will have already taken action. I can tell you that one of the tips can increase your profits by 50% and is quick to implement but few have what it takes to do it. Another will increase your lead flow by about 100%, yes this is not only possible but not that hard to do. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain, once you take action and right now it is a simple action to click here.


WARNING – All the information provided is given in a direct manner and not for the hard of thinking. I am providing quality information for you to use digital to grow your business. For results you should to be ready, willing and able to make the most of it. As you will see there is no hard sell and there is no need for one. I am sure you already know it is better to get customers asking to buy from you than you trying to sell to them, more on this to follow and how you can make this work in your business.


      Once you join your bonus is waiting for you. It is a 20 page ebook absolutely free to get you started. After that you will receive the 12 emails that cover Making the Most of Digital. Implement one per month and you will have transformed your business within a year. To get started  click here.


      If you don't like what you hear when you get access then get just unsubscribe and you will never hear from me again, that is a promise. If you do then we may well get along. You are always free to implement it and do well. If you want help the Team and I at Ultimar Systems can provide it but that is only available after we see that we are both on the same page. This is not for everyone as I am sure you understand.


      So I hope to see you on the other side and look forward to sending you some compelling content. If not, I wish you well otherwise click here








Edward Nugent

PS Where else will you get someone that will tell it to you straight and provide the solutions to help? I can promise you that doing nothing will not help you or me for that matter. So consider this, what have you got you lose? Why not try it today by clicking here.


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"We have increased our online leads by 50% in the past year Edward's help and I expect we can do this again over the coming months."

Niall Cuthbert

Managing Director, Cash & Carry Kitchens, Ireland


"I have used online marketing for the past two years and I can confirm that it works! I am now implementing the Retail Booster with Edward to make even more use of the internet and maximise the opportunity."

Andrew Winder - business owner in Brighton, United Kingdom