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Just how well are you doing with Digital Marketing?
We designed the Digital Diagnostic to help you find out. The Diagnostic consists of multiple choice questions and are based on the book, Making the Most of Digital - An Implementation Guide.
The Digital Diagnosis is divided into 3 core sections that cover all aspects of using Digital Marketing in your business.
It is easy to take part in the Diagnostic as it is a series of multiple choice questions. On completion you will receive a fully personalised result for you to use.
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The Book

Based on the book, Making the Most of Digital - An Implementation Guide


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Get More Customers

Using Digital Media to attract more customers to your business.

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Better Customers

Customers are not all equal. It is vital to attract the right customers for you.

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Repel price buyers and get value buyers – you get what you attract.

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Life Time Value

Knowing the value of a customer to you can transform how you manage your business.

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Make sure you are charging enough. It is all too easy to be too close to your business and give it away.

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Customer Cost

The good news is that no customer is for free, how much can you spend to get new customers.

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Customer Magnet

Why should customers come to you and not competitor, no BS, real reasons why?

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Use the tools to ensure you are helping people to become customers.

You’re The Reason The Diagnostic is Here! So what are you waiting for? It could well be the best 15 minutes you spend online this month.

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