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      How are you doing with Digital in your business? How do you evaluate how well you are doing and where the opportunities lie? Afterall reviewing your own business is often hard to do especially if you don't have the benchmarks or see on a day to day basis how others are managing.  


       It is with all this in mind that The Audit is designed. The Digital Marketing Audit uses a blue print to review how you are using digital and even more important, how it fits into your everyday business activities. Digital is no longer an activity at the side of your business, it runs through the heart of almost all businesses and their strategy for success. The Audit undertakes a complete review of your business and its use of digital. Not only that it also outlines how improvements can be made. As part of the process live tests using our platform can be undertaken, all as part of The Audit. Afterall there is little point in having a report if clear actions and, even moreso, clear ways of implementation to achieve the results. 


       In a nutshell The Audit is a complete review of how you use Digital and how you can use it to secure your future. The two most common reasons to undertake an Audit are:

  1. The business has only done a little with digital and wants to fully understand it options before deciding on the way forward. Key requirements from clients in this group is to have a clear idea on what is possible, likely benefits, pitfalls and where to start ie priorities.

  2. Having done a lot of digital with advertising and other initiatives, you want to take it to the next level. By having an expert review your use of digital and provide concrete advice and examples.

       The Audit is undertake personally by Dr Edward Nugent. He uses his many years of experience with both clients and in digital research to provide a unique and tailored outcome for each client. The format for The Audit is an initial face-to-face meeting where your requirements are confirmed nd the scope of the Audit is agreed. Each customer frequently has different requirements and this is a key to the process. All stakeholders are involved and this is guided by the client. Once this phase is complete it is put into the context of what is possible with digital and the opportunities. An Audit typically takes 2-4 weeks to complete, depending on the client, the scope and their exact requirements. 

      Dr Edward Nugent runs The Audit. Edward has limited availability and undertakes a maximum of 1 Audit per month. To get more information about The Audit complete the form to the right or click here.


The The Digital Marketing Audit

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