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Hi there,


     My name is Edward Nugent and I work with Ultimar Systems. I am the author of the book, Making the Most of Digital - An Implementation Guide as well as the designer of the Marketing Platform and System and the Digital Diagnostic that goes with it.


    I started out some 20 years ago in the high tech sector. I worked at the cutting edge of mobile phone industry. On behalf of the industry I should probably say sorry as we did not know what we were creating at the time and I mean no idea of the implications. So much so some of the initial projections for the use of mobile would astound you. I still remember seeing the first text message. It was akin to when I say the first instant message using AOL, a long time ago.


         It was however no accident that I worked in the mobile industry. You see before that, while I was completing my PhD in business strategy I did a lot of work and projects for the Department of Trade and Industry in the UK. In short, they paid me to meet with lots of companies and to undertake an analysis of sectors and provide benchmarks for the companies themselves.  My focus was on vertical integration strategy (how much you do internally versus outsourcing) at the time and linking these decisions to the performace of the business. When we meet feel free to ask me why I swapped my work on making money, I designed some of the machines used to print money, to making money for myself.


      Over the course of about 4 years I met with over 200 companies. I drove the length and breadth of the UK, spent many days in the car, weeks probably. What I found fascinating is that of all 200 companies there were only 4 that I could say I would like to work with. Remember, this was before the days of Google et al. On reflecting on these 4 companies I found that they all had one thing in common. They were all high growth companies. One was a sunroof manufacturer, yes this was a very high growth market at that time, one making parts for gas turbines that generate electricity, again lots of growth. Each company in fact was unique in some way in what they did, but shared successful growth. Out of interest in the statistical analysis I did for this work, one of the key factors for company profitability was growth.


      The fascinating thing was the company culture, they were all different and yet the ones I liked shared many elements or values. The fact that they were high growth meant they were open to suggestions and solutions. They were generous in their thinking. Yes, margins were important to them all but they had a mentality of abundance, not scarcity. I came close, a missed phone-call in fact, to working with one of them. Instead I decided to move to Sweden and work with business development for mobile systems, the infrastructure that makes your mobile phone work. 


      As I said at the beginning it was no accident. I sought this company out as I wanted to work with a high growth business. It was all I expected and more. Chaotic. Challenging. But very enjoyable and rewarding. I moved on from that after about 5 years and started working with mobile content. A totally new industry made possible by the fact that people now had mobile phones. It was just as chaotic and thankfully, successful. I was part of the team that started one of the largest business in the sector today with sales of over €100 million. I sold my share in 2009, yes too soon, but it had become a different business by then and we all have our strengths and knowing what they are can mean the difference between enjoying what you do and finding it to be a chore. If you want more details on this particular decision you can check the link at the bottom of this page.


      When I moved on from that mobile content business, now called m-commerce, I started to look at other industries and how they operated. I began to apply the direct marketing principles we has used so successfully in mobile to other sectors. One frustration I always had with mobile content was the value of the sale. This always limited the marketing we could do. It did however also keep us very focused to get as much out of marketing as is possible. We would squeeze every last drop out of each £, €, $ not to mention several other currencies, that we operated in. As a side note. It is funny how many small businesses that have almost no resources and yet manage to get a lot from them. Large companies with lots of resources often waste so much. As the saying goes a lack of resource can help to keep you focused. 


      So I decided to apply the principles in earnest to the home improvement industry and kitchen retail in particular. It probably could not be more different to the sector I was used to. Very high price and value per customer - this was a hugh driver for me. A relatively slow process of buying i.e. few see an advert and decide to buy that same instant - this was the opposite to the mobile content marketing. The majority of buyers of kitchens usually take at least 3 months and the majority 6 months from initially considering getting a new kitchen to the time they get it installed. The industry is also much more traditional. In many ways the polar opposite of what I was used to with fast moving technology driven businesses. 


      It was a challenge but in so many ways it confirmed that the product did not really matter and it was more down to the approach. Whether someone is buying a ringtone or a kitchen, the decision making process is the same. After all people are people. In time it became clear that all the principles were so similar, even if the words used and timings are different. 


So what has this got to do with anything and why do I share it with you?


      There are two main reasons I share it with you. Firstly to make the point that marketing is marketing no matter what your business. Sure, the detail and product will change but the principles and techniques are the same. Secondly, to give you an idea for my background and experience. After all, while I may have a nice title and written books on the subject, it is important to understand who you are considering taking advice from. 


My two cents


      The reality today is that there are lots and lots of people dispensing advice to business owners. Most, the vast majority in my opinion, have little real business experience. They have made a career out of giving other people advice and little else as that is their business. 


      Well, if you want to get the usual pat on the back and to be told how well you are doing then I am not the person for you, all too true I am afraid, ask my family if needs be. If however you want help to get things done then this is exactly where you should be. Over the years I have built up a lot of experience. I have found that many talk and few “do”. Lack of knowledge is rarely the problem. Often too much information and not knowing where to turn is the real issue. 


      With that in mind I have built solutions. So while I will give you advice I will also tell you how to implement and even give you the tools to do this yourself or I, together with my team, can do it for you. 


Another two cents


      I am of the opinion that we are right now at a crossroads. Most companies have websites yet few really use them to drive their business. The tools now exist to enable any company to use the web to get lots of prospective customers. We no longer need to act in isolation where the marketing silo is not aligned with the sales silo not to mention the web developer silo. It can and should be all integrated and working as a system. 


Why is this so important?


      Firstly and most importantly the web is where your prospective customers are. I don't care if you are B2B or B2C. People in all countries search for solutions online. Last time I checked the number is somewhere between 80 – 90% where the internet is available. This means that for most businesses 80 - 90% of your customers are looking for you or your competitor at any time.  Capitalising on this fact is now a real business opportunity. You can read about it in the papers in a few years or you can use it within your business today and thrive. 


      Secondly the tools are available to do this today. You can do it all yourself and pull it together with many different suppliers. I will offer you an alternative once you get to know me and I you. You see there is another important fact. I believe you as a business owner have a choice. You have a choice on who you want as a customer. That goes two ways as I have a choice if I want to work with you or not. There are no victims. You decide what business you want to be running. Then you follow this through. If it is not working, just find out what is not working and fix it. Yes, it is as simple as that. Granted, it will take determination and work. If it didn't everyone would do it and then where would we be?


      So, my pitch to you today. If what you just read sounds like something that resonates with you then the best thing to do is to get instant access to my initial 12 ideas. You will also get a bonus E-book to download. You can do that by clicking here


      If you don't like what you hear when you get access then get just unsubscribe and you will never hear from me again, that is a promise. If you do then we may well get along. You are always free to implement it and do well. If you want help I can provide it but that is only available after we see that we are both on the same page. This is not for everyone as I am sure you understand.


      So I hope to see you on the other side and look forward to sending you some compelling content. If not, I wish you well otherwise click here








Edward Nugent

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