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      Let's face it, we all know of the many business and online changes that are happening on what sometimes feels like a daily basis. How do you keep up? How do you get the time to contextualise it for your business? All the change in the world is meaningless to you and your business until it is put into your context. Is there a trick you are missing in the so called digital economy? How do you second guess if you are on the right track?


       It is with all this in mind that The Advisory was designed. Some clients value the time to step back and chat about their business. Others have very specific questions on where they are headed. Others still, and a large group at that, want to use The Advisory as a way to keep in touch with all things digital and how they are evolving.


       In a nutshell The Advisory is a cross between coaching, training and hands on help. The two most common reasons to join include:

  1. The need to stay up to date with digital marketing in a safe environment so that you can improve your knowledge as well as to be a better buyer of digital services.

  2. Having an external "advice line" to contact when dealing with all things digital.

       The typical format is an initial meeting, ideally face to face. This is a meeting to review your specific needs and what you would like to gain from The Advisory. Each customer has different needs and therefore worth spending the time for the initial meeting. Following the meeting there are 2 different levels for The Advisory:

1. Keep in Touch - this is popular for those that want to get regular updates as well as avail of the support for their issues in a Q&A format.

2. Elite - this is for those that value an ongoing dialogue and a speaking partner. It is ideal for those that need the support of a 3rd party to bounce around ideas or as part of a board or ongoing support. The exact format is tailored to suit your needs.

      Edward Nugent runs The Advisory. Edward has limited availability therefore he usually meets with 1 new client per month for The Advisory. The initial meeting is typically for a half day and can be at your premises or a neutral office. To get more information about The Advisory complete the form to the right or click here.

The Advisory

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