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complete marketing system Once you have made the sale you are now well on your way but for the successful business this is where the real opportunity begins. The After Sales Stage consists of 4 key parts. Getting prospective customers as leads is the first step to making sales. Generating leads for your business is therefore usually the most important starting point. The Lead Generation Stage consists of 6 key parts. Once you have leads the real work to convert them to customers begins. Besides all your usual business activity you can use many tools that will help encourage your customers to buy from you. The Lead to Sales Stage consists of 7 key parts. Without visitors be that to your webpages or in person you have no business. It is crucial to get visitors and traffic. Not only that, getting the traffic that is interested in what you do is vital i.e. the right type of traffic. Today there are many sources of traffic and in fact for any business it is important not to rely on any one single source as this is a very risky strategy. When you get traffic to your website, the pages need to be designed so that the visitors stay and read what you have to say. The design is critical and even small changes can make a big difference in getting 1% requesting info from you or 10%. When a prospective customer visits your website you should have something there to entice them to engage with you. It is a simple trade. They give you their contact details and in return you give them something they value, something we refer to as a Lead Magnet. The choice of lead magnet is important. This is covered in some detail in the book and in our email series. It is a bit of a cliche but nonetheless true, content is king. This is more important today as we are in the information age. I would go so far as to say all businesses are or have an  Information Business within them. In fact a great deal of The Ultimate Marketing System is about overlaying an information element to your business. A great online tool that enables your advertising to “follow” the website visitors you had that did not become leads. It gives you a second bite of the cherry. Using some of the online tools to find the right audience for you which can match your current customers. This is becoming a real option as the technology is now available. It is all too easy to forget about the Lead Magnet when you have got the lead. You must make sure the lead gets it and values what you send. They will evaluate you on this. If you can surprise them with extra value all the better. When you get a new lead it is worth having a process in place whereby they are called. Not a sales call but a call to let them know you got their request and are dealing with it. You can also collect key information during this call such as when they are likely to buy and what the are interested in - information you will put into your CRM System and use later in the process. Once you have a lead email is one of the best methods to provide them with information. It is also a means whereby you can remain on the top of their mind as time passes. Setting up an email sequence is a must for all serious businesses. Information is the lifeblood of a marketing system. With a CRM system you will not just have your list of leads but also alerts on when to call next, statistics on buying patterns, allocating leads to staff, following up etc. Just because someone became a lead does not mean you stop marketing. By re-marketing to your leads you will help them to make their mind up about working with you. As you have details about your leads in your CRM System you can time a survey call before the lead is going to buy. This ensures you are top of their mind when the time comes and worst case to find out why they are not going to buy from you. Having a print Newsletter to send to your leads will add greatly to your credibility. It needs to be written in the right way. Having an email sequence for customers is just as important if not more so than having one with leads. Not only can you use it as a catalyst for your referral program you can also use it to get repeat sales as you will remain top of mind of your customers for all the right reasons. Just because someone became a customer does not mean you should not send them your new Newsletters. It appropriate you can include them in your Newsletter and also as a receiver. It gives them something to use when referring you to others. Once you have made the sale you should have active follow-up to make sure there is nothing outstanding with your customer. You can make sure there is no outstanding niggles that may lead to poor customer satisfaction. Remember each customer should lead to another customer. You can also increase your repeat sales by having a follow-up process in place. You are not leaving customer satisfaction to chance. As any business owner knows referrals are the lifeblood of any highly successful business. Having a formal Referral Program is a must. Why leave something that is so important to chance?


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"We have increased our online leads by 50% in the past year Edward's help and I expect we can do this again over the coming months."

Niall Cuthbert

Managing Director, Cash & Carry Kitchens, Ireland


"I have used online marketing for the past two years and I can confirm that it works! I am now implementing the Retail Booster with Edward to make even more use of the internet and maximise the opportunity."

Andrew Winder - business owner in Brighton, United Kingdom